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Rocket.Plus makes your computer’s time-related capabilities much more advanced
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For the savvy business traveler, it’s important to keep track of the time. Not just time synchronization, Rocket.Plus makes your computer’s time-related capabilities much more advanced.
One of the main features is Rocket.Time Plus’ multiple time zone support. The ‘My Time Zones’ page allows you to maintain a list of time zones, which displays live views of the actual time at each location. A summary of your time zones can be displayed if you wish in a docked or auto-hide desktop bar for easy reference. Picking the ‘Set as current location’ option makes it easier to change the system time zone when traveling. It’s obvious that this is a necessity for the frequent business traveler who may lose track of the local time.

Even when not using Rocket.Time Plus, merely holding your mouse over the system tray icon will reveal the real-time summary of your selected time zones.

The tooltip feature also intelligently adds the date of any time zone that differs from your local date. It is also possible to configure Rocket.Time Plus to always show the local date, whether it’s different than your date or not.

Another nice feature is the pop-up reminders. They make it easy and fast to schedule pop-up reminders to be used as countdowns or simply a specific important point in time. The pop-up alerts scroll up from the taskbar and remain topmost until you dismiss them. If you’re not paying attention or at your computer, an optional audio alert can be used for each reminder to make sure you won’t miss a meeting. What if your computer is shut off when an important alarm was scheduled? As soon as you turn your computer on, Rocket.Time Plus will alert you to any reminders you may have missed while your computer was turned off.

You can select to schedule updates when your computer first boots up, once a day, or whatever hour you so choose.

The correction log has also been improved. Now you can set a maximum number of corrections to keep in the log and the new interface makes it much easier to navigate through the software. Not only that, but the software now optimizes for LAN or modem users right at installation.

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